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Last year I was living for a while in London. Finally, due to different reasons, made up my mind to return to my family city. I was convinced that when I’m back I would find my town exactly as it was before. Nevertheless, my assumption so wrong. Although nothing important has happened in the city and everything was similar at first glance, I noticed a few minor changes.


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To begin with, custom bicycles became extremely popular. Almost all of my colleagues were talking about where and how they might design your own bike. During the day you might see many people who were commuting to schools on beautiful bicycles. I have to say that I really enjoyed that change, as I always was thinking about my town to be extremely lazy. At this moment, Because of the fact that owing custom single speed bikes became to be so popular, most of my colleagues and family members stopped to use cars and started using their own bicycles, more Loca Bikes. I don’t even need to mention how positive effect this has on environment. As a result of this, my city would be even more gorgeous.
Second, I realized that more and more individuals purchase coffee to take away. I might see a lot of young guys with cups of coffee on the street. On the one hand, it is rather bad as this paper and plastic cups were possibly disposable. On the other hand, I saw this as a good thing as this meant that individuals in my city were getting richer. Why do I think so? If you are rather poor, you just don’t buy drinks to take away. Most probably you would rather drink them at home or bring your own hot drink prepared at home.

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What’s more, I have realized that people were nicer. They were looking at each other on the street, discussing with each other on bus et cetera. When I asked somebody about something, the answer was always very polite. That weird women that works at the bank started to be much happier than before. She even started to smile. Nonetheless, I should admit 1 thing. I really don’t know if all those small things have actually changed, or if I missed my city so badly, that now I see this in much more positive light.

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